Pallet Jack Certification

The fork lift truck course  and Health Administration (OSHA) requires specific training and eventual certification in order to operate or work with pallet jacks. Whether it’s manual or powered, this equipment can cause serious injury to those who don’t have the right training. Thankfully, there has never been a better time to become certified than now.

As a result, employees will be more likely to make fewer avoidable mistakes while operating a pallet jack. That can save your company thousands of dollars in damages and a whole lot of headache.

During the course, workers will be taught how to inspect the equipment before using it, how to properly load the pallet jack, and how to drive it at a safe speed. They will also learn that it’s better to push the jack rather than pull it, and how to keep it clear of obstacles.

Understanding OSHA Requirements for Pallet Jack Certification

After completing the course, an onsite evaluation will be conducted by an employer. Once the employee passes the evaluation, they will receive their certificate of completion. This is a great way to show employees that you value their commitment to workplace safety. In addition, the certificate will help to protect your business from the potential ramifications of an OSHA fine in the case of an accident.

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