Breathwork Training Online

Breathwork Training Online

The goal of this course is to give you the skills, knowledge, resources and confidence to begin guiding groups or individuals through the healing ancient art of breathwork sessions. Whether you’re a yoga, meditation or life coach or another type of professional in the health and wellness space, introducing breathwork practices to your clients can add new dimensions to their experiences and help them feel more empowered in their lives. URL

Breathwork is an umbrella term that includes many different breathing techniques. Some are more meditative and others are more physically rigorous, but they all provide physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. In this course you’ll learn simple and effective breathwork exercises that are accessible to all, no equipment needed. These practices have been proven to reduce stress, depression and anxiety, increase energy levels and promote mental clarity.

The Art of Conscious Breathing: Exploring Online Breathwork Training

You’ll also get a good understanding of why this practice works through videos, audio recordings and other materials in the course. This information will allow you to coach your clients and students through this experience in a safe, supportive and beneficial way.

As a bonus, you’ll be able to use these breathwork practices in your one-on-one coaching sessions, group workshops or private clients. Having this additional tool in your toolbox can help you to further support the growth and healing of your clients and give them tools they can continue to practice at home.

Choosing Cartridges That Deliver Smooth, Potent, and Consistent Vapour

cart delta 8

Despite its reputation for producing less anxiety and paranoia than delta 9 THC, it’s no wonder that cart delta 8 has skyrocketed in popularity among cannabis enthusiasts. Cart delta 8 can provide a relaxing and calming effect that helps to ease stress, pain, and insomnia. In addition, it can help to increase productivity and focus while remaining clear-headed. It can also encourage appetite stimulation for those suffering from poor eating habits due to medical conditions or treatments.

Decoding Delta 8 Vape Cartridges: What Sets Them Apart

In order to experience a smooth and enjoyable vaping session, it’s important to choose a high-quality delta 8 cartridge. This can be achieved by shopping for cartridges that are manufactured by reputable brands who prioritize quality and safety standards. Low-quality cartridges can be susceptible to clogs, reduced potency, and inaccurate device settings. It’s also important to remember that any vaping method carries some risk, so it’s important to use a responsible and judicious approach to consumption. This means taking shorter draws, starting at a lower dose, and pacing yourself.

The best delta 8 cartridges will be made from high-quality ingredients, and will be free of glycerin and other potentially harmful additives. They should be easy to fill, and should be capable of achieving smooth, potent, and consistent vapor. Additionally, they should have clear labeling that shows the THC percentage, batch number, and ingredients used. Lastly, the packaging should be secure and attractive.

R And R Med Spa



We are a group of talented, experienced Plastic Surgeons, Nurses and Aestheticians that work together to bring the most innovative non-surgical solutions to Clarkston & Lake Orion, MI and beyond. We are passionate about providing customized, intentional care to help you achieve authentic results. You won’t leave our med spa looking unnatural, “plastic”, or fake – only refreshed and rejuvenated!

R And R Med Spa has a large selection of facial aesthetic treatments that address wrinkles, skin laxity, pores, tone, redness/rosacea and more. Body contouring & rejuvenation, laser treatments, weight loss and alternative pain therapies are also offered. We offer these services in a luxurious, relaxing and opulent setting, with the belief that beauty enhances all aspects of life.

Understanding Semaglutide: Uses and Benefits

Cathy, Susan and the rest of the staff at R And R are all absolutely the best in their field! They truly put their clients first and are always on top of new techniques and options in the medical spa/plastic surgery world. They often offer discounts to loyal clients which is very refreshing. They are also very fair with pricing and always make sure their clients can get what they need within their budget if necessary. It’s rare to find an office/spa that is so genuine, honest and compassionate about their clients and the services they provide.

The Best Lions Mane Gummies


The best lions mane gummies offer a convenient and fun way to supplement your daily routine with this powerhouse mushroom. These chews can help fend off brain fog, enhance memory and mental performance, and give you an overall sense of clarity without any jitters or side effects. These vegan-friendly, low-sugar gummies from Dirtea are also infused with anti-oxidants and brain-supporting nutrients like iodine, pantothenic acid, zinc and ginkgo biloba for extra cognitive support.

Extract Excellence: Unlocking the Potential of Mushroom Extracts

The makers of these lions mane gummies use the fruiting body (the parts that grow above ground) and the mycelium (the roots-like structures below ground) of the lion’s mane mushroom to provide maximum health benefits. These gummies are made from organic ingredients and are free of GMOs, gluten, soy, and artificial flavors. This lion’s mane gummy from Green Planet is an excellent choice for those seeking a natural energy boost and improved concentration. These gummies contain green tea extract to increase alertness and add a mild caffeine kick, which may aid in focus and performance. These gummies are 100% organic, gluten-free, vegan and made from wildcrafted lion’s mane.

Lion’s mane has been shown to promote nerve growth factor, which is crucial for the transmission of signals between brain cells. This makes it a potential neuroprotective, and some studies suggest that it may even offer some cognitive benefits similar to certain drugs used for ADHD.

The gummies in this pack contain the fruiting body of the lion’s mane mushroom, along with cordyceps and reishi mushrooms to support a healthy immune system and energy levels. They are also infused with sage for its possible ability to reduce stress and anxiety, while the company uses eco-friendly, sustainable packaging and practices to ensure the quality of its products.

Edible CBD

When most people hear the word “edible” they often think of marijuana brownies, space cake or some other form of cannabis-infused sweet treat. The word is also used to describe products like tinctures or CBD edibles that contain no THC or very little. These products are typically taken orally and offer a different experience than smoking or vaping.

Edible CBD come in a variety of forms including gummies, hard candies, chocolates and cookies. These products can be infused with either a balanced THC/CBD ratio or with CBD alone and are available in various doses. For new users of cannabis, CBD edibles are a great way to get started. The pre-portioned servings make it easy to track your dosage and provide a consistent experience every time.

Ingesting CBD through edibles takes longer than inhaling vapor through a vapor pen because the cannabinoid must be digested and metabolized before it enters the bloodstream. This process may take as long as 90 minutes. It is important to start with a low dose and gradually increase your intake over time.

Vape in Style: Discovering the Vape Collection

The terpenes in cannabis can interact with certain CBD compounds to produce amplified effects. Lavender, for example, contains a terpene called linalool. Linalool is known for its calming properties and when combined with CBD can produce an enhanced mellow experience. Many people find that CBD edibles are a great way to help ease day-to-day stress and focus on the things that matter most. When purchasing CBD edibles, look for a third-party laboratory certified for label accuracy to ensure you are getting what is advertised.