When a person dies alone, unattended, in their home or another place of residence, it creates a scene that requires careful and professional cleanup. Often, these scenes are a result of a suicide or homicide. In other cases, the death may occur due to an accident or natural causes like an illness. These situations are often accompanied by a foul and overwhelming odor that won’t resolve on its own without proper intervention.

These odors are caused by decomposition and body fluids which contain pathogens that can pose health risks to people who live in the area. unattended death cleanup, which is also called biohazard remediation, involves a comprehensive cleaning and sanitizing of the area and all physical items associated with it.

Restoring Dignity: The Importance of Unattended Death Cleanup and Compassionate Restoration

It is highly recommended that family members and friends not attempt to perform the clean-up themselves. Those who try to do so can become exposed to dangerous bacteria and parasites that cause severe sickness. In addition, they cannot properly dispose of medical waste and contaminated biohazard materials according to local regulations.

In most instances, the police, fire, and rescue personnel, and the county coroner will be involved with the scene of an unattended death investigation. Once their investigations are complete, the responsibility for cleaning and sanitizing the area falls to the property owner.

Unless you have crime scene cleaning experience, it is highly advised to call in a specialist. Attempting to do this on your own can expose you to serious health risks and can leave you with an extremely traumatic experience.

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