Watercolor Painting Equipment

Watercolor painting can be tricky, but with the right equipment you’ll be able to create beautiful, free flowing paintings. Watercolor supplies aren’t as expensive as acrylic or oil paints, making them affordable for beginners and experienced artists alike.

Watercolor matériel peinture aquarelle come in pans and tubes. Watercolor pans are like hard cakes of pigment that need to be moistened with water before you can use them. Tubes of watercolor are already wet and have a pasty consistency. Choosing which one to get depends on your preference. Many beginner sets include both pans and tubes to allow you to decide which to start with.

Brush to Canvas: Unleashing Your Creativity through the Joy of Painting

The type of paper you choose to paint on will also impact your experience with the medium. Watercolor papers are categorized according to their texture, with hot press being the smoothest and cold press being the roughest. Some watercolor paper is sized during production, but you might need to add extra sizing as you become more experienced to help it hold wet washes and prevent warping.

You’ll also need a water-proof palette to place your blobs of color in before applying them to your canvas. You can buy one that is plastic or glass, but a plastic palette will likely be more economical for you in the long run. Glass ones can be pricey but are worth the investment for their durability and how well they retain moisture.

You’ll also need a pencil to draw your sketch before you begin painting, and an eraser to get rid of any mistakes or darken your lines. A 2B or softer pencil will be sufficient for this, but harder ones can leave depressions that could influence how your paint goes on top of it.