Insulation Removal

Insulation removal companies near me are often an important part of remodeling a home or finishing an attic space into a livable room. Whether because of rodent damage, mold or water damage, or simply to make way for new insulation, the old blown in or batt insulation needs to be removed properly in order to preserve the integrity of your home and keep the cost of heating and cooling down.

This is a task that requires the appropriate tools and equipment. It also can be a dangerous job to tackle on your own as many older types of insulation may contain potentially hazardous materials including asbestos and vermiculite (which has been found to have lead, mercury and carcinogenic particles).

Uncovering the Importance of Insulation Removal: When and Why You Need It

The first step in the process is to prep the area. It is best to restrict the work to the attic so that contaminants don’t spread into the living or working areas of the home. If a doorway into the attic opens to your living spaces it is recommended that you hang a large sheet of plastic over the opening and tape it down.

It is also highly recommended that you wear the appropriate safety gear. Gloves, eye protection and a respirator are a must for this type of work. The use of a vacuum with a bag is the preferred method for the removal of loose fill insulation as it stirs up less dust that can cause health issues. If you are using a vacuum be sure to have large, sealable trash bags on hand to empty the vacuum into as you go.

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