In the email deliverability industry, reputation is king. A good one will get your emails into the inbox, and a bad one can make it harder to reach your recipients at all. But how do you know whether yours is in good standing?

A quick way to check reputation is to use a bulk IP reputation check. These provide a variety of data points, including threat status and analysis, geographic location, virtual hosted domains, and more. One of the most reliable is MultiRBL, although you should always visit the list directly to confirm if your IP has been de-listed (it can be inaccurate or delayed).

Bulk Analysis: Bulk IP Reputation Check

Another great tool is Google Postmaster Tools, which provides a view of your email program’s reputation, spam complaints, and other important data. And remember that just like a credit score, an email reputation can improve with time!

An important part of reputation is ensuring your system has no viruses or open proxies. These can cause several issues, such as spam traps filling with Spam, and users experiencing phishing and other threats. For this reason, many of these services will also analyze systems to determine if they are malware hosts or have other risks that could impact their reputation.

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