Hotel, Bathroom, Interior, Villa, SummerThe bathroom can rightfully become the most sophisticated, glamorous, and perfectionist room in your apartment. If you want to enjoy every minute of your SPA procedures and add some polish to them, consider decorating your interior in the Art Deco style. This article will consider examples of design projects and completed repairs from the Fundament Group of Companies portfolio, which will help you navigate this style.

Art Deco Tiles and Porcelain Tiles: Examples of Designs and Ornaments

There are a thousand different ways to decorate your bathroom walls and floors in an Art Deco style. We get such a large number of variations thanks to the numerous combinations of different types of marble with geometric patterns. And there is also not only interesting cutting of tiles, porcelain stoneware, or marble and marble-like tiles with already integrated ornaments (see photo above), which is the latest trend in finishing in recent years.

Slabs of natural stone for accent finishing

Slabs are a stunning element for wall decoration. Especially popular is an accent solution based on slabs of onyx, agate, labradorite (or other spectacular rocks) with backlighting. In the center of the room, this solution looks stunningly beautiful.

Marble-look porcelain tiles and glass mosaics

Porcelain stoneware is one of the traditional finishing solutions, as it is the most practical and extremely similar to noble marble. It can imitate any kind of marble in any shade, which allows you to create very interesting combinations. It is often combined with glass mosaics of the same color.

Geometric marbled porcelain stoneware and wide ceramic skirting board

A new word in art deco bathroom decoration is porcelain stoneware with geometric patterns. As a rule, it imitates several types of marble or a variant using marble and metal in gold and silver. Such combinations are most popular in Morocco and other countries of Mauritania, where they combined in the composition not so much marble itself as ceramics and mosaics.

Metal inserts for gold between tiles

Metal inserts are the most important wall decoration elements, furniture facades, and sometimes interior doors, ceilings, and mirrors. This trend applies to almost all bathroom details.

Gypsum moldings with openwork elements for the ceiling

Neoclassical moldings, with or without gilding, are popular for the effect of taller ceilings and a European reference finish. You can find quite traditional sockets for lamps in this style and in the next boudoir or corridor – a high plinth of the same type.

Exclusive design panels under the order

Bathroom, Towels, Flowers, Bathtub, SpaMosaic glass panels can be the main accent solution in the decoration of your bathroom. Typically, they are used on the wall behind the bathtub or in the shower area.

Embossed tile with shimmer effect

Another great option for wall decoration tiles with a slight relief and a shimmering effect will add even more gloss to such an interior. Combinations with marbled porcelain stoneware are the most popular.


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